REALTORS ® — Do you have a Frozen Food section? (If not, you’re losing business.)

A few days ago, Cates agent Rick Bradford and I met with a group of Realtors ® from three prominent offices in Kansas City. By the end of our time together, there were head nods all around the room in agreement that they needed to be offering their clients a frozen food option. What?

First, you need to know that these are experienced, professional Realtors ® who are good at what they do. They are running successful businesses. They are making money. (They also made the choice to spend an hour exploring how to grow their businesses. So they’re smart, too!)

Back to food. Around noon today I’m going to heat up a frozen box of turkey, stuffing, green beans, and some sort of cran-apple dessert. It will be a quick lunch and allow me to stay on schedule. When I went to the grocery store last week to buy this “meal” I knew what I needed.

Let’s say I go to your grocery store but you don’t have a frozen food section. You try to sell me a turkey and the ingredients for making stuffing and cran-apple goo. But I can’t mess with that at work. So you explain that your restaurant section carries all these things hot and ready to eat. But I’m buying lunches for next week. So what happens? I go to someone else’s grocery store and buy what I needed in the first place. And I go back there again. And I tell my friends.

As any good real estate agent knows, your seller has a problem. He needs a buyer for his house. The more paths to a solution (a buyer) you can offer, the more likely you are to meet his need. The more likely you are to meet his need, the more likely you are to be paid. More ways to sell = more ways to get paid. Simple.

When Realtors refer properties for auction, competitive bidding generates a quick efficient sale and market value.

In talking with the owner of this property in Liberty, MO, the Realtor wisely concluded auction was the best selling strategy and referred it to Cates. Happy sellers = happy Realtors!

Enter auction. Simply another way for you to help your client sell. Frozen meals are simply another way to have lunch. Sometimes a frozen lunch is what I need; sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes auction is the best way to sell a house; sometimes it’s not. But here’s the deal, auction is always available to your clients whether you offer it or not. There are other grocery stores besides yours. If it’s the right solution for your client and you don’t offer it, you run two significant risks:

  1. Your client doesn’t know about it and the property goes unsold (unhappy client). You make $0.
  2. Your client waits for the listing to expire (unhappy client) and then contacts an auction company. You make $0.

Enlightened Realtors ® are offering the auction option among their services by virtue of a partnership with Cates Auction & Realty Company. When a client has interest or auction seems a possible solution, they tap our expertise as consultants in auction real estate sales in Kansas City. If all parties agree that auction is the best strategy, we get the property sold, client’s problem is solved, and everyone gets paid.

Some of your clients want or need a frozen food alternative for lunch. Seems like you should be offering it, doesn’t it? <Head nod.>

Greg Duncan, Vice President, Cates Auction & Realty Co., Inc.

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Thanks to everyone at Cates Auction and especially Rick Bradford. The auction of both my house and personal property was handled professionally and netted me more money than I was expecting. I had talked to other auctioneers and realtors and received “advice” from many people but followed my inst…
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