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How to Sell Real Estate in Kansas City During Probate

How to Sell Real Estate in Kansas City During Probate
After a person passes, what happens to their possessions? It all depends on whether or not that person had a will and what their final wishes were. The value of assets or possessions a person owned at the time of their death also influences what happens to their belongings.

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How To Sell Land By Owner & Why It’s Different From Selling A Home

How To Sell Land By Owner

Back in the day, there was so much available land in the U.S., especially in Kansas and other Midwestern and Western states, that the federal government was giving it away for next to nothing. Thanks to the Homestead Act of 1862, settlers who made their homes on land and stayed there for at least five years could take ownership of up to 160 acres,

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The Ultimate Checklist to Downsizing Your Home

How To Downsize Your Home

Decluttering, getting rid of things, and moving into a smaller space is a well-trodden road for families all across the nation. If you’re thinking about, or in the beginning stages of downsizing your home, you are not alone by any means.

Every stage of life could bring about reasons to downsize.

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The Six Simple S’s to Selling Your Home at Auction

There are two main reasons people selling real estate miss out on the benefits of a professional auction strategy. Either they assume (incorrectly) that the process is for distressed properties or they assume (incorrectly) that the process is mysterious.

If you’re thinking about selling your home or already trying unsuccessfully,

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The Problem for Sellers in a “Seller’s Market” – And What to Do About it!

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve recently been involved in a conversation about the “hot” real estate seller’s market and how quickly homes are selling.  Amazing feats of Realtor heroism and houses getting snapped up in the blink of the proverbial eye. Your aunt’s neighbor only had a sign in the yard a week.

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Published in the Kansas City Star March 19, 2017. In the same year that California was admitted as the thirty-first state of the Union, and more than a decade before the start of the civil war, a grand house was being built in Lexington, Missouri.

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Year-End Auction Opportunities Include Commercial, Land & Residential Properties (As seen in the Kansas City STAR)

Published in the Kansas City STAR November 20, 2016. The team of agents at Cates Auction & Realty Company is often asked about the best time of year for a real estate auction. “We have successful real estate auctions 12 months a year!” says vice president Greg Duncan.

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Pros and Cons of Online Auction Sites

Is that an opportunity or just another Charmander? Online auctions for real estate are popping up in more unexpected places than Pokemon these days.

If you’ve contemplated selling or buying real estate recently you’ve undoubtedly encountered an online auction of one sort or another. Like digitally generated characters, online auctions seem to be appearing everywhere.

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Auction Increasingly Popular Way to Buy, Sell Commercial Real Estate (As seen in the Kansas City STAR)

Published in the Kansas City STAR 7/12/16   Selling and buying commercial real estate can be a lot like sprinting through Jell-O. Lots of effort expended, but rather slow progress. The properties are often unique, negotiations can be complex and urgency may slip away as the process stalls.

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Sell FAST. Sell SMART. 5 Reasons to Sell Real Estate at AUCTION.

Of course you want to sell fast, but you’re also smart enough to know that just getting a quick offer isn’t a win. You want to sell to the best offer. The one for the most money, with the fewest strings attached, that’s the most likely to actually close and not end up costing you more money or grief along the way.

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I have been on the other side of following Cates auctions for over 30 years, and through that know the professional manner and honest reputation they do business with. It was such a relief for us to turn over the sale of our parent’s home and personal property to people we trusted to do the best j…
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